The Science of Living by Alfred Adler

The Science of Living

Book Title: The Science of Living

Publisher: Martino Fine Books

ISBN: 1891396587

Author: Alfred Adler

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Alfred Adler with The Science of Living

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2011 Reprint of 1930. Full facsimile of the original edition, not reproduced with Optical Recognition Software. Adler left behind many theories and practices that very much influenced the world of psychiatry. Today these concepts are known as Adlerian psychology. His theories focused on the feelings of inferiority, and how each person tries to overcome such feelings by overcompensating (trying too hard to make up for what is lacking). Adler claimed that an individual's lifestyle becomes established by the age of four or five, and he stressed the importance of social forces, or the child's environment, on the development of behavior. He believed that each person is born with the ability to relate to other people and realize the importance of society as a whole. As a therapist, Adler was a teacher who focused on a patient's mental health, not sickness. Adler encouraged self-improvement by pinpointing the error in patients' lives and correcting it. He thought of himself as an enabler, one who guides the patient through "self-determination," so that the patients themselves can make changes and improve their state. Adler was a pioneer in that he was one of the first psychiatrists to use therapy in social work, the education of children, and in the treatment of criminals. The Science of Living is an intended to help the reader realize his potential.